Cloud Migration Service

Adopt collaboration, increase agility, and optimize the cost and performance of your IT operations by moving your workloads off-premises with our cloud migration services.
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Best-fit cloud deployment models

We always discover the optimal cloud environment for safeguarding your data and streamlining operations.
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Our Cloud Service Capabilities

Quick migration
Unlimited scalability
Low upfront costs
Guaranteed maintenance
Private Cloud
Unmatched security
Total apps and data control
Wider customization opportunities
More flexibility
Easier on- and off-premises environments migration
Higher scalability
No vendor lock-in
Distributed Cloud
Targeting location-dependent use cases
No latency issues
Minimized risk of downtime

Migration Customer Journey

We combine AWS best practices with our comprehensive local business landscape understanding to make sure your workloads are efficiently migrated while ensuring maximum security compliances
By leveraging AWS best practices and OpsSpark’s comprehensive understanding of the local business landscape, we make sure your workloads are efficiently migrated to AWS platform, while ensuring maximum security compliances and minimum interruption to your operation
Migrate & Modernize
Migrate & Modernize
Basing on the finalized migration strategy, your applications will now be moved to AWS Cloud in a seamless process that poses minimum downtime for your production system. Then additional security and cost optimization services will be performed to ensure your cloud is safe and ready to perform

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